Due to the way Christmas and New Years Day fall this year, the club will only be open on the following dates :-

  • Monday 19th December, 2016
  • Wednesday 21st December, 2016
  • Wednesday 28th December,2016
  • Wednesday 4th January, 2017

The first Monday Club Night will be Monday 09/01/17, where the club annual membership fee and any monthly fees will be due.
Please also note that your BRCA is required to be in place for the beginning of January 2017.
As always, all tracks will open for fun – whether it’s buggies, drift, mini’s, TC or even 1/12th scale pan cars and F1 (and trucks!).
Please remember that your first time on track is FREE – Yes, FREE! How good is that????
And always free to pop in and watch the action…….

Early Warning – “Run what ya Brung” – Retro RC in aid of Charity

The ARCCC is pleased to announce that in the 1st quarter of 2016 we will host a “Run what ya Brung” Retro RC event in aid of charity mates (not ‘alf)!

The date is still to be set, but we would welcome recommendations for an Ayrshire Charity that would benefit from some extra monies.

The emphasis of this event will be FUN, but as Gru states in Despicable Me, where is fun without the rules!

RC Car 10 years old or older

Brushed motors/ESC

Ni-Cd or Ni-mH Batteries

Brushless and Lipo’s will be allowed, but we would prefer old skool kool!

Festive Opening, 2015

Right guys and gals…… We’re galloping towards the festive period and we’re happy to confirm that the club will be open as follows :-

Monday 21st December 6:30pm – 9:45pm

Wednesday 23rd December 6:30pm – 9:45pm

Monday 28th December 12:00pm – 9:45pm (yes, £6 will get you that much time on any track 😁)

Wednesday 30th December 6:30pm – 9:45pm

Monday 4th January 6:30pm – 9:45pm

We hope to see you having fun enjoying our fantastic facilities at ARCCC soon! 👍(especially if Santa is bringing you something RC related)

AGM Committee Announcement

Following on from our AGM on Monday 27/04/15, we’re pleased to announce our new committee members are :-

  • Chairman : Mark McGawn
  • Secretary : Michael Ivory
  • Treasurer : Derek McPherson
  • Committee Member : Craig Bryson
  • Committee Member : Scott McNelis

Many thanks to the outgoing committee members.

Club EGM, Monday 10th November (10/11/14)

An EGM is formally notified for the election of a new club treasurer.

Secondary issues to vote on :
1) Amendment to club constitution to increase number of committee members from 3 to 5. Reason : To allow club to be BRCA affiliated.
2) AOB : Debate any changes to the club

Suggestions to date :

  • 17.5T Blinky Limits for the Touring Cars / 10.5T Limits for the Buggies
  • Reduce Weekly Race Fees
  • Increase availability of facilities
  • Remove Trees on main straight to improve visibility
  • Modify Track layout to increase challenge and better use space