ARCCC – ‘The home in Ayrshire for RC cars – Where children of all ages come to play with toy cars’

Please check out the facebook page for latest news.

We are open every Monday night for our regular Club Meeting, with alternating weeks for the Wednesday or Friday.

Please also note that your BRCA is required to be in place for the beginning of January 2017.

As always, all tracks will open for fun – whether it’s buggies, drift, mini’s, TC or even 1/12th scale pan cars and F1 (and trucks!).

Please remember that your first time on track is FREE, but only on a regular club night – Yes, FREE! How good is that????

And always free to pop in and watch the action…….


Mosshill Industrial Estate




email : arccc_booking@outlook.com


The venue is next to ‘Digital Kitchens’ , just up the hill from Ayr Hospital.

Have a look at the basics page for useful information on RC cars.

About Us

The ARCCC has been operating since the mid 80’s and evolving ever since. We are a ‘not -for profit’ organisation and use our funds to improve the club and track for all of our members.

Our current committee members are :-

  • Chairman : Michael McCormick (mjm_arccc@outlook.com)
  • Secretary : Mark Everett
  • Treasurer : Chris Mitchell
  • Committee Member : Robert Lavelle
  • Committee Member : Scott McNelis
  • Committee Member : Liam Fletcher
  • Committee Member : Gordon She

(updated 11th June, 2017)


Race Fees are :-

Most importantly – The first session on track is FOC!

£6 per session (Adults), £5 per session (under-16’s)

A low cost monthly fee of £30 (Adults) or £20 (under-16’s) can be paid to allow entry to all normal club sessions.

We also do a ‘family membership’, which is £40 per month for 1 off Adult plus 1 off related under-16 or £45 per month for 2 off Related Adults (needs to be husband/wife etc. or father/mother + 1 off son/Daughter over-16)


2017 Membership Fees are :-

There are no membership fees for 2017 as it is the club members responsibility to have their BRCA membership in place. Your BRCA membership will be requested in the first club night in January 2017.